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Decisions and pre-work of website construction

With this article as a guide you can start your study about your new website. Some quick tips are included to organize the construction process and make key decisions in a more methodical way.

The decisions you make will affect the cost as well, so it’s something that pre… MORE


We are active in various fields related to new technologies, namely the trade of consumables and hardware, local area network services, technology investment advisory services, equipment installation and maintenance, and of course all online services.


Web design

The design of a website is a very important parameter of the promotion of a person or a company. It is the “face” that everyone who searches for you on the internet will see.

Computer Repair

If you want to take advantage of and get to know the latest technologies and you don’t know where to start, consult us. We will give you the most complete advice..

Printer Supplies

Save money and help the environment by reusing the same consumable in your printer. In some models, the discount exceeds 70% of the original price.

Digital Security

If your modern digital life is a bit disorganized, let us help you make a fresh start, with structure, security and planning so that you are always in full control of your data.