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Our company has been operating the local Cartridge World store in Glyfada since 2004, consistently and reliably serving the southern suburbs.

Our customers are many public and private companies, who trust us for the sensitive and critical operation of their printers. We have accumulated 20 years of experience in our field and are committed to meeting your needs perfectly. The store is one of the first Cartridge World franchises in Greece and the first in the southern suburbs.

Cartridge World is the world’s largest and fastest growing printing consumable refill chain with over 1400 stores worldwide. Our main activity is the refilling and rebuilding of empty ink cartridges for inkjet and laser printers as well as for photocopiers and fax machines. The savings you can expect is around 50% of the purchase price of new inks but varies from model to model. Ask us to tell you exactly how much money you’ll save. We also sell new and compatible ink cartridges for inkjet printers, special printer papers, printer and fax machine consumables. The company is addressed to individuals and businesses.

The services offered are the following:
1 Refilling and remanufacturing empty ink cartridges
2 Checking the inks for good operation in special printers
3 Delivery of the ink cartridges to the customer’s premises
4 Sale of new inkjet and laser ink cartridges
5 Sale of special papers, printers, items for photocopiers and faxes
6 Serving customers at the store
7 Free advice and offers
8 100% money back guarantee

Refilling and remanufacturing inkjet and laser ink cartridges is a subject shrouded in a veil of doubt and mistrust that is sometimes deliberately cultivated.

The consumer is often confused by the apparent dilemma: “Is it worth risking the functionality of my printer for the financial benefit offered by a retreading company?”

However, this question does not correspond to reality.

At Cartridge World Glyfada we have compiled this summary to help you understand the basic concepts as well as the real risks involved.

Question: “If I use remanufactured inks, will my printer be damaged?”

Answer: The answer to this question is not simple. Refilling is not a fixed and predictable process but depends on four main factors:
The knowledge and experience of the technician
It is very easy to make a mistake while refilling as it is a very delicate and detailed job. We recommend that you verify the credentials (training and experience) of any technician you choose for your ink cartridges. At Cartridge World, all our technicians have been thoroughly trained in Greece or abroad and are well aware of the requirements of their work.
The quality and reliability of the materials used
There is a wide variety of materials on the market. Some of these are very cheap and lower grade, which may not be certified for your ink cartridges. At Cartridge World we use globally certified materials, fully compatible with your ink cartridges, regardless of how expensive they may be.
The prior treatment of the material to be refilled by the user
It is very important that the user himself prepares the ground for the technician. Cartridges that have been handled with care have a much higher chance of being successfully refilled. Each type of printer is governed by different rules of “proper behavior”. At Cartridge World we will teach you all the secrets of your brand and help you responsibly extend the life of both your printer and your ink cartridges.
The type of printer and the ink cartridge to be refilled
Printer manufacturers protect their own ink cartridge sales in a number of ways. Some types of ink cartridges are particularly difficult and some have such a small market share that it is not worth producing the raw materials necessary for proper refilling. At Cartridge World we will let you know when the fully guaranteed solution for your ink cartridges is ready in the event that it is not currently available.

Question: “Is print quality inferior with refilled inks?”

Answer: No. But there is a possibility that you may need to reset your printer (in some cases) via software to get the best results. At Cartridge World we will show you how and you can see sample prints with our inks in front of your eyes to convince yourself.

Question: Will I void my warranty?

Answer: No. It is illegal to deny you free service to which you are entitled on the basis that you are using a refilled ink cartridge.

Question: “If a mistake is made and I end up suffering damage, what happens?”

Answer: If you are demonstrably damaged by our services, the largest and fastest growing refilling chain in the world guarantees to cover all repair costs of your ink cartridges or printer. It is important to know that our guarantee is a matter of prestige and reliability and not an excuse to lure customers.

Question: “Is there an ecological extension to refilling?”

Answer: It stands to reason that when you refill your ink cartridges you save the environment from wasting plastics that would otherwise be thrown away. Most parts are reused so you are helping the environment significantly while saving money.

If you are interested in any of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to inform you and inform you about the subjects we are experts in, responsibly, quickly and correctly.

Think green,
think economically,
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