Computer repair – upgrade

If you’re having trouble with your desktop or laptop, we can help.

If it’s slow to boot or slow to respond, a clean reset will give it a new lease of life.

If you are infected with a virus, we can save your data.

If you need a hardware upgrade we will help you choose the most economical and advantageous route.

If you want to take advantage and get to know the latest technologies and you don’t know where to start, consult us. We will give you the most comprehensive advice based on your individual needs and abilities.

Your operating system installation “ages” over time, even if you are careful using it, avoiding malicious or poorly written programs. Especially if you don’t act proactively, then very soon your system ends up getting laggy, reducing your productivity and preventing you from working or enjoying yourself seamlessly. We offer an additional service to rescue your files and mail, and make sure that the new beginning is made with a perfectly structured installation, which will contain, in addition to the most suitable drivers for the computer’s devices, a package of selected software, which will ensures that your computer will be immediately fully functional and adapted to your needs.

In case you are interested in an upgrade, we perform inspections, check the existing hardware, and, in conjunction with your requirements and functional needs, propose the composition that will perfectly meet your needs, keeping the cost as low as possible.

The most important part of our work is to guarantee proper operation and provide remote assistance for any problem you encounter. Every one of our services is covered by immediate support and the possibility of remote assistance through software that we install for six months. After this period, you can extend your full coverage package with either subscription packages or individual support vouchers to address a problem.