Web design

The design of a website is a very important aspect of the appearance of an individual or a company. It is the public face everyone looking for you will see on the Internet. Its look and functionality must work harmoniously so that the visitor will find easily what he’s looking for.

Loading time is just as important. Bad code, even though invisible to the user, is nevertheless perceived by a sense of “heaviness”. That can affect bounce rates and revisits, as navigation on the site is somewhat unpleasant.

Based on the above, we kick start every project and manage it till completion in order to make the website aesthetically pleasing, effective, functional and fast. Always in contact with the client, we select the modules deemed essential so that the least amount of code is used.

Complexity influences webdesign costs. Many clients wish for a basic site with low development and maintenance costs, while others require dynamic structure, continuous updates and variable appearances.

Many professionals and companies don’t have such complicated content to publish and need a simple online presence to allow easy access to their contact information from individuals. Doctors, lawyers and accountants rarely need more than that. In response to this need, we have chosen a very powerful application that allows us to build a basic content fast and upload it directly to our servers. The product is tailored so as to allow very low costs in webdesign and hosting.

Some other clients, due to the nature of their business, need to show rich content, with samples of their work in digital form and provide interactivity or copyrighted content. All these factors require more extensive work and generally require more time to test and implement. Merchants, artists and service providers generally fall into this category.

Analysing these needs, we have specialized in some specific technologies that allow reduced webdesign costs, despite the increased project requirements. The result is reduced development time and economical operation.

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