Web hosting

Hosting is a term that often confuses the casual user. Every place you visit on the internet is just a bunch of files sent to you by a computer that has some special features. It has to be always available, be powerful, to support some basic applications and be maintained properly.

The most basic factor is the availability (uptime) which indicates a percentage based on how much time the server was up and running. We can guarantee uptime of more than 99.9% for our servers, measured by an independent source in a period of 4 years. This means that your customers will find you every time they will look for you. Bandwidth in recent years, as predicted, is a parameter that posses no concern, since almost all modern servers can provide enough bandwith to ensure that no significant delay will be experienced. Nevertheless, in our measurements we have seen steady speeds of over 1Mbit/sec when sending large files.

The modern architecture of cluster servers has brought benefits of high-end systems to simple users at monthly costs unthought of a few years ago. We currently have 3 fully operational root server in a well known European company, allowing us to provide extremely low prices to our customers while maintaining the level of service to the highest degree.

If you’re wondering how much it costs per year by your website, please contact us to find out that now the cost is negligible. For most cases, we charge 50 euros annually excluding VAT, but high usage sites in space and bandwidth might cost a bit extra. Visit at our clients’ sites and see for yourself that our service is really fast and responsive.