Decisions and pre-work of website construction

With this article as a guide you can start your study about your new website. Some quick tips are included to organize the construction process and make key decisions in a more methodical way.

The decisions you make will also affect the cost, so it’s something that needs to be done before construction begins.

Website name
If you already have a logo, you will need to provide us with a high resolution digital file (> 640 X 480) or a clean hard copy.
If you don’t already have a logo, we can design it for you.
A word or phrase must also be found to become the company’s trade name, if it does not already exist. This name can also become the website address. Of course you need to check if the name is available or if it has been bought by someone else, we take care of that but you can also check name availability in the checker app on our website. In case the desired name is not available, a close variation related to your activities must be selected (eg
Basic menus
The basic menus are the “skeleton” of the website. They will help to draft the structure to facilitate and organize the creation of the content. Think about what information you want to display on the website, what you want to communicate to visitors and what services you could offer your customers. Safe pages are (in the majority of cases) the home page, company profile, relevant links, offices and access, contact and services. From there they can enter: protected area, individual resumes, product catalogs, offers, articles, publications, etc. You can visit other competitor sites, get ideas and see what interests you and what doesn’t. Then discuss how and where in the layout you want the menu items to go, the decisions don’t need to be final but it will help the build if there is an initial image.
Each menu item opens a page, for which its content should be compiled. This doesn’t need to be done at this stage but you can put a general description of the pages and who will do what from the content management team you will organize.
This is where our input is needed to guide you through topics such as media options, dynamic content, animations and display effects. All these parameters will have a big effect on the final result and we will explain to you in as simple terms as possible the technical terminology and the platforms that are available.
Predictions for future additions
In the first phase it is not necessary to upload all the features and content but it is important to foresee the final form of the website in order to choose the applications and technologies that will be able to support all the technical parameters. It’s better to propose something that ultimately won’t be implemented, than to have a need for an add-on that wasn’t foreseen and can’t be done, or a lot of extra work will need to be done to achieve compatibility.
Marketing integration
Remember that it is a very good idea to have an agreement of advertising media, i.e. business cards, letterheads, signatures on letters and emails as well as the site to project the same image (marketing integration).
For anything else you need, contact us, we are always at your disposal.